Saturday, September 13, 2014

Living Life Dairy Free.

My grandma will tell you when I was little and I came to her house I would eat a lot of cheese. When I mean a lot I mean at least a half a pound during the course of just a weekend of being there. So when I recently found out that I need to stop eating dairy I was kind of heart broken. I haven't drank milk in the longest time and I wasn't yogurt/ ice cream like I used to, but the cheese was the upsetting part.

These past few years, I could start to see myself get the signs of being lactose intolerant. So, this summer I decided to do change my ways and start being dairy free. Let me tell you it's not been easy. You never really know how much things have dairy are in until you have to read the labels.

One day I went to 7/11 with my friend and I got a bag of doritos.. not realizing it had dairy products in it. Ever since then I've been reading the labels and making sure that I'm not eating any dairy.

So, I got online and looked for organic markets that have dairy free products. I found the store Mom's Organic Market. (if you live in Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia this is your store.) I walked in and it was amazing. They have so much fresh things, dairy free and gluten free things. I recommend checking it out.

My first time there I didn't get much. I only got dairy free cheese, granola, pasta and yogurt. The granola had apples in it (which apples are my favorite) and I probably ate the whole bag before the day was over. (not really but it felt like it.)

I'm not a big fan of the cheese or yogurt I got. So if anyone has any suggestions I am always open for what kinds of brands are good.

The next time I went I looked for Cake, ice cream and icing. (Since my birthday is next week.) I cannot wait to make it and see what it taste like.

All of this is new to me. I'm learning as I go. I'm up for any ideas people have. I am going to post my favorite recipes that I have made. :) Come join me on this journey.

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